We are working together to create a more equal region that creates opportunities and benefits for all people within the county.

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Oxfordshire creates opportunities and benefits for all communities and people within our region.


The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership is working together to create a more equal and sustainable region that creates opportunities and benefits for all people within the county.

We are working to tackle some of our region’s biggest problems to create a fairer environment where everyone can contribute and share in our success.

The OIEP's work supports the delivery of Oxfordshire's Strategic Vision for Long-Term Sustainable Development, which all of Oxfordshire's six councils have adopted.


The following principles lie at the heart of the Partnership’s work:

· Reducing inequality
· Creating opportunity
· Creating benefits for communities and citizens
· Our focus is Oxfordshire – this is a county wide issue

Focus areas

We have set up four action focused working groups to deliver our vision. 

The working groups seek to find, and build upon, specific initiatives or specialist organisations who are already successful in tackling some of the issues of inclusivity. We focus on how we can grow the capacity or reach of these programmes by providing support (whether in kind, in funding, or by way of making connections) from our members and affiliated organisations.

Educational attainment - focusing on early years, educational attainment of GCSE English and Maths, and building better links between business and education to help shape career choices.

Inclusive employment - focuses on both employers and employees. Looking at how organisations can create better pathways into work whilst understanding the barriers people face to accessing employment.

Social value and procurement - spending money locally, particularly by large public sector organisations like our councils and our universities, puts money back into the local economy and creates opportunities for local businesses – we aim to grow the amount of money that is spent within our county, for our county

Place shaping - investing in places that need it most and working with local communities so that money spent in our economy helps address our biggest challenges in health, environment, and housing.

Our approach

The OIEP is seeking to support, grow or amplify specific initiatives or specialist organisations who are already successful in tackling the issues around the inclusive economy as well as identifying any gaps.  

Data Led
We will take a data-led approach ensuring we identify the data available for each area. This will enable collation and processing in a meaningful way so we are able to establish baselines and performance indicators that we would be able to track and measure against what success looks like.  We will need to consider a mixture of quantitative data and qualitative data, including narrative and case studies.

Person Centred
By taking a person centred approach we will enable a greater level of success in achieving a more inclusive economy for Oxfordshire. Person-centred approaches ensure that we see people as unique individuals with valuable gifts and contributions. Person-centred practices can be seen as a ‘toolbox’ or variety of ways to listen to and gather information with people.  

Our partnership

Our chairs

Jeremy Long

Baroness Jan Royall

Jeremy Long is Co-Chair of the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership(OIEP), former Chair of Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP), and has several non-executive roles, including as Chair of local energy efficiency installation business EnergyMyWay.

Jan is the Principal of Somerville College and was appointed to the Lords in 2004. She was appointed Leader of the Lords in 2008 and a member the Cabinet. Jan previously worked in the European Commission, for Neil Kinnock and for the Labour Group in the European Parliament. She is Chair of the Conference of Colleges, a Trustee of Full Fact (an independent fact checking charity), the University’s Observer on the Board of Skylark Works and is associated with many charities and voluntary organisations.

Our steering and working groups

Steering group
The OIEP sits under the umbrella of the Future Oxfordshire Partnership and is governed by a Steering Group which is co-chaired by Baroness Jan Royall and Jeremy Long and attended by a wide range of organisations from across Oxfordshire's business, voluntary, charitable, community, place-shaping and public sectors.

The role of the steering group is to:

• Provide strategic oversight and coordination
• Prioritise activities
• Evaluate progress
• Support working groups
• Provide accountability against agreed activities
• Collaborate across partners
• Engage with the community in order to inform current and future priorities

See the organisations on the OIEP's steering group

Working groups
Our partnership is able to deliver because of the broad and varied representation bringing expertise and knowledge from business, education, voluntary, community and public sector which enable us to develop and deliver our vision.

See the organisations in the OIEP's working groupsView the OIEp's organisational chart

Get involved

Sign the OIEP charter

If you're interested in getting involved in other ways, we'd love to have you on board! There are lots of ways to get involved with the work of the Partnership. Get in touch at inclusiveoxfordshire@oxford.gov.uk