OIEP included in Local Skills Improvement Plan

Emma Coles, OIEP Manager
OIEP included in Local Skills Improvement Plan

September 9, 2023

The OIEP was please to see their pioneering work included as an exemplar measure for tackling inequality in the the Oxfordshire LSIP Local Skills Improvement Plan. Oxfordshire Local Skills Improvement Plan 2023 (LSIP) has been approved by the Secretary of State for Education. The LSIP highlights the key skills needs required in the key sectors of our region and provides a roadmap for us to help address the shortages we have been facing. The LSIP is led by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce and funded by the Department for Education.

The OIEP Charter features in the plan as a measure local skills providers can take to ‘drive work to tackle inequality’. The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter is a statement of shared commitment to creating a more inclusive local economy in Oxfordshire, UK. The charter was developed by the Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (OIEP) and launched in January 2023. The charter aims to help individuals, companies, and organizations set out ways in which they will help deliver the ambitions and activities to create an inclusive economy for Oxfordshire. There are a wide range of pledges across several key focus areas, where simple interventions can make a real difference.

Find out more and sign the Charter.