Community Employment Plans

Community Employment Plans (CEPs) aim to ensure that local people can better access to job opportunities. This resource includes OxLEP's Community Employment Plan evidence paper.

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What is a Community Employment Plan (CEP)?

A CEP is an employer-led initiative that can form part of Section 106 planning obligations for significant developments.

It is designed to maximize the benefits of development for the local community by creating jobs, training opportunities, and apprenticeships.

Who can create a CEP?

Any developer or employer who is planning a significant development in Oxfordshire can create a CEP.

What are the benefits of a CEP?

  • help to create jobs and training opportunities for local people.
  • help to improve skills levels in the local area.
  • help to build relationships between employers and the local community.

How to create a CEP?

Developers and employers who are interested in creating a CEP should contact OxLEP Skills for guidance and support.

OxLEP Skills can help to develop a CEP that is tailored to the specific needs of the development and the local community.

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