GROW: Good Recruitment for Older Workers

We know that 36% of 50-69 year olds feel at a disadvantage applying for jobs due to their age. This toolkit is looking at ways of reducing age bias and discrimination in the recruitment process.

Picture of a female apprentice working on the engine of a car in a workshop

The Good Recruitment for Older Workers (GROW) project, run by the Centre for Ageing Better, aims to reduce age bias and discrimination in the recruitment process. The project is looking at ways to help employers become more age-inclusive and to provide practical suggestions for employers to recognise the negative role that age-related discrimination plays in recruitment processes. The job market is going through dramatic changes with the impact of COVID-19, new technology and Brexit, making this research more timely than ever. The project has commissioned three research projects to build the evidence base: the current and future recruitment landscape for older workers, older workers’ own experience of recruitment, and an experiment to explore what impact the choice of language used in recruitment materials have on older workers. The findings will be used to feed into a second phase working directly with employers and recruiters to design, develop and test new approaches to reducing age bias in recruitment.

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