Recruiting Great People for Warrens Bakery

See a case study of how Seetec Pluss support businesses to recruit brilliant staff who have faced barriers to employment in the past.

Picture of a female apprentice working on the engine of a car in a workshop

Libby has autism and was a participant with us on the Seetec Pluss Work and Health Programme. After working with her Employment Advisor to secure a work experience opportunity with Warrens Bakery, she impressed the staff so much that they offered her a permanent position.

We paid her a visit down in Penzance to see how she's getting on, and to talk to Warrens about the difference Libby has made to their business. Watch the video to see her story.

Seetec Pluss work to 'get great staff' for businesses by getting to know the needs of your business and connecting you to people with the skills, talents and motivation to do your jobs. To find out more about our Employer Services team, visit their website.

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